Top knot? CHECK.  T-Shirt? CHECK.  Yesterday's make-up?  CHECK.  Yoga Pants? CHECK.  Anyone else out there JUST LIKE ME?  Awesome!  Hi!  I'm Trisha.  AND.... About 90% of the time, I feel like a hot mess trying to keep my crazy, beautiful life in order.  

Enter, Haute Mess!

I have created a fun, fashionable, comfortable and affordable clothing line for all of us women out there.  You can dress up these pieces, double time the tanks as workout tanks, transition from season to season and stay on trend with our limited edition designs with new releases happening all the time.  WATCH FOR THEM!

 I've put a little piece of my life into each one of these designs.  I am a coffee guzzling, champagne loving, lipstick wearing, Fit-ISH Wife and Mother doing my best to keep my family alive and happy.  If you are like me, or climbing that corporate ladder and jet-setting across the country or running from class to class working on your future- We've got the perfect piece for you!  


So, join with me!  Let's take our comfortable messy look to the next level, OWN OUR MESS and tackle our lives looking great!  





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